Covid-19 Protocols

Please read our new policies prior to your arrival

Before You Come to The Gym
  • All visitors are required to fill out our NEW Covid-19 waiver form online prior to the first, or first returning visit.


  • Do not come to climb if you are feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms. Do not come to climb if you have reason to believe you may have been exposed to the virus.

  • We will not have change rooms available at this time. 

While You Are At The Gym
  • Upon entrance to the gym, patrons are asked to remove their shoes and sanitize their hands. While entering ensure a physical distance of 2m. 

  • Patrons must answer questionnaire verbally if they have not completed the online pre screening. 

  • Patrons 12+ must provide proof of full vaccination upon arrival to the facility unless only attending youth programming. 

  • Masks MUST be worn while in the facility (including while climbing). Can be removed for taking a drink. 

  • No food may be consumed in the gym.

  • Our staff will be regularly sanitizing common touch points on a daily schedule. Please note that it is not practical to sanitize the climbing holds between climbers. We are relying on masks and good hygiene to manage that risk.

  • We will be sanitizing rental gear between client uses. 

  • Gymnastics goers do not have to wear a mask as to follow the guidelines set out by Gymnastics Ontario. Climbing has a different guideline which requires a mask at all times. 

  • Birthday Parties will run at this time but will not include the use of the party room. 

  • We will still offer Learn to Belay and Rent a Belayer services.

  • All memberships will remain frozen until asked to be otherwise. 

Vaccination Policy

Starting September 22,  Climbers Corner will be checking vaccination status of all patrons 12+ as required by the Ontario government. The following guidelines have been created to help navigate this new policy. 

1. Patrons 12+ that are climbing in the facility and NOT attending a youth programming class will be required to provide proof of vaccination. If a youth programming student is climbing outside of regular class time and is 12+ they will be required to provide proof of vaccination. 

2. Patrons can choose to have their vaccine status noted on their climbing profile so they do not need to provide proof of vaccination every time they visit. In order to have your status noted on your profile you will need to provide proof of both doses of the vaccine at least 14 days prior to your visit. 

3. Memberships for those not vaccinated will be frozen until policies change or they recieve vaccinated. You need to call in order to have your membership frozen.

We understand the controversy this topic can bring up and at this point we are firm in these guidelines. We support the scientific data promoting vaccinations and encourage all those who can to get vaccinated. Please be kind to our staff and help us keep our community healthy.