Our Road to Reopen

As of Saturday July 17, 2021 we are opening as allowed by government issued phase three guidelines.

Please read our new policies prior to your arrival


Before You Come to The Gym
  • All visitors are required to fill out our NEW Covid-19 waiver form online prior to the first, or first returning visit.


  • All climbing, including regular use, youth lessons and daily lessons must be completed in advance via email or phone. We will NOT be accepting walkins. 

  • Do not come to climb if you are feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms. Do not come to climb if you have reason to believe you may have been exposed to the virus.

  • We will not have change rooms available at this time. 

  • We ask you to confine your belongings to their own area and do NOT bring food into the facility. 


While You Are At The Gym
  • Upon entrance to the gym, patrons are asked to remove their shoes and sanitize their hands. While entering ensure a physical distance of 2m. 

  • Patrons must answer questionnaire verbally and have their temperature taken.

  • Masks MUST be worn while in the facility (including while climbing). Can be removed for taking a drink. 

  • No food may be consumed in the gym.

  • NO non booked patrons are allowed in the facility. This includes parents. Any individual entering the facility must be booked online. 

  • Payment is by credit/debit card only. No cash is being accepted at present.

  • At the present time -please be aware of others around you as you move around the gym to avoid bumping into others and to maintain physical distancing.

  • Our staff will be regularly sanitizing common touch points on a daily schedule. Please note that it is not practicable to sanitize the climbing holds between climbers. We are relying on masks and good hygiene to manage that risk.

  • We will be sanitizing rental gear between client uses. 

  • During the timing of youth programming a restricted amount of other individuals will be able to use the facility. 

  • Gymnastics goers do not have to wear a mask as to follow the guidelines set out by Gymnastics Ontario. Climbing has a different guideline which requires a mask at all times. 

  • Our building has a maximum occupancy of 10 people (EXCLUDING STAFF)

  • Birthday Parties cannot be run at this time. 

  • We will still offer Learn to Belay and Rent a Belayer services.

  • All memberships will remain frozen until asked to be otherwise.