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Michelle is our Facility Manager. Michelle started her climbing career when she was hired at a climbing gym at 15 years old. She later went on to compete for 4 years before moving away for University. Michelle has spent the past 15 years climbing all over Canada and the United States. She has been route setting for over 10 years and guiding outdoors for 8. In the summers, you’ll find Michelle with our friends at Free Spirit Tours as their Summer Camp Director. Michelle is happy to share her love of climbing with anyone who wants to chat. She has experience in sport, trad and ice climbing and is eager to get anyone who might want to, into the sport. 

Ben Wilcox - Route Setter


Ben has been a setter for a decade, with experience in gyms all over Ontario. He has set youth and adult completions, and loves bouldering and route climbing equally. His psyche for Ontario’s outdoor climbing scene hasn’t decreased in his years of climbing, and you’ll find him spending the summer months whipping off routes at crags across the province.


Kat is our Youth Programming Coordinator. Kat has been climbing for 4 years and her enthusiasm for the sport is quite apparent from the moment you meet her. Kat dove into the sport head first, fully integrating herself into the community and absorbing all the knowledge she could. Kat has two kiddos of her own and loves to spend all her time outdoors, a perfect complement to climbing. Kat’s favorite type of climbing is anything outdoors at one of our local crags.

Dakota Marchildon -Staff


Dakota has been climbing since she was four years old! She grew up climbing in Kitchener at Grand River Rocks and when she moved to Collingwood, she began climbing at Alt Rock and here at Climbers Corner. She has always been passionate about the sport and loves being able to teach new faces about it.  Dakota climbs every chance she gets!

Hayden Warren -Staff

Sorcha Harrison -Staff

Sorcha is one of the smiling faces behind the desk. Sorcha is always interested in learning more about the sport and making sure everyone is having a good time. In the summer you’ll find Sorcha working with our friends over at Free Spirit Tours working with the adventure summer camp, bringing her to all sorts of wild places. Sorcha loves the community that climbing creates and the inclusion of individuals at all levels and from all backgrounds.

Steph Snider -Staff

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Jeff Gibbons -Staff

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Krista Martin -Staff

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Krista started working with the climbing gym many years ago and spent her time supporting and encouraging young climbers within the youth programs. She got into the sport through Free Spirit tours and summer camps 9 years ago and loves the challenge that rock climbing has to offer. Currently, Krista plays a supportive role within our team and is eager to help out new faces joining the climbing community.

Tim Sproll -Staff


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The smiling faces helping you make the most of your climbing.

Meet The Team

Michelle Cioci - Facility Manager

Katrina Shand -
Youth Program Coordinator

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